Exposing the Truth about the Bible

We have written this website to the world to expose the lies that we have inherited from our fathers. We believe that the book man calls the Bible contains added lies from the men who were entrusted to bring us truth. We do not believe that all the writings of the prophets are inspired by the Father and we will give proof to back this up.

This website will be an eye opening experience for you. We have found Truth after searching for many years. We are looking for truth seekers who have been searching also. You will learn why the Father is not a God/god and should not be called one.

The Father’s name YHWH has been omitted from the writing of the prophets by lying scribes and replaced with Sumerian, Babylonian, Phoenician, Canaanite and Egyptian titles that have caused the world to be filled with Idolatry.

This website will expose ALL RELIGIONS as falsehood and nothing but Idolatry.

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