Ask in the Name of Jesus or Yahshua?

Lesson 22


Do you as a devout believer in Jesus or Yahshua believe completely in what he says?

Do you believe that he has all power? Do you believe he will forgive you for your transgressions?

Why do you believe this?

Could it be, because it is written in the New Testament?

These two statements in the New Testament cannot be proven one way or the other today. There is a way for you to test if he tells the truth or is a liar! We will use one of the verses where he tells us that whatsoever you ask in the name of Jesus or Yahshua he will do it. He clearly tells you this in John 14:13, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, this will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son”.

Do you, as a believer in this supposed being, believe what he has so clearly told you, in this verse?

So you are a believer, do you have faith in this supposed son? We challenge you to do this test! Tonight before you go to bed, put a glass of water up on a shelf or the table, or next to the sink.

Then when you pray, ask in the name of Jesus or Yahshua, whichever you believe in, to turn the water into wine before you get up in the morning! Be advised that the verse above tells you that he will turn this water into wine, because in doing this, he will exalt his father by proving to you that he will do it, if you ask in his name!

Religious people pray for healing, and when the person gets well from the know how of the Doctor and the medicine used, they apply the healing to the supposed son, so why not prove to yourself what he says is truth or a lie! He would not have said this if he did not want you to test it would he?

We challenge you to do this, and if you will not, then you do not really believe in this supposed person, you belittle him.

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