Elohim is Added to the Scriptures

Lesson 8


Go to Psalms chapter 14 in your Bible! Your Bible translation may have lord in the place of our Fathers name, YHWH.

In Psalms chapter 14, you will find the Fathers name in this chapter, four times! Verses #2,- #4,- #6,- #7, Please check this out very closely.

Now go to Psalms chapter 53. This chapter is a reproduction of Psalms 14!

Now look at Chapter 53! Notice you can not find the Fathers name in this chapter! In these verses where the Fathers name was, you now find elohim! (Your Bible translation may have god instead of elohim)

Please read these two short chapters, 13 scriptures all together, they both say the same thing! What this shows, is that man systematically removed the Fathers name here, and in many other places also throughout the bible, and replaced the Fathers name with the pagan title elohim or god!

That is why the Father has told man that all elohim are idols! 1 Chron.16:28, Ps.96:5.

If we study with all our hearts and soul, we can find the truth. Few people have learned this. The translators, or scribes, have broken the third Commandment by taking away the name of YHWH, and bringing His name to naught.

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