Food for thought

Lesson 28


We need to think about what was given for us to eat. Anything that cannot be eaten according to what is given to us in Gen.1:29 should not go into our bodies. We should not smoke tobacco or any other product.

We were given the fruit of the tree for our food. We were not given any other part of the tree for food. Maple syrup is not food to eat; it is the blood of a specific tree. Tea comes from a bush. It is not a fruit and it is not an herb.

The food we have been given is the only thing we can claim to be our own possession.

Nothing else on earth is ours. Everything is YHWH‘S, even our bodies.

Eze 18:4 Behold, all souls are Mine. As the soul of the father, also the soul of the son, they are Mine. The soul that transgresses, it shall die.

Many restaurants around the world still wash their dishes the old fashioned way (all together). Lard, eggs, milk, mushrooms; pieces of animal flesh contaminate the murky soapy water. In many poor countries, if you examined washed (poorly glazed dishes) found in restaurants with a microscope, you would see that they are polluted with the food of the heathen.

There are many foods in grocery stores that contain pollution. Labels that list whole milk, whey, lactose, whole egg, egg whites, egg yolk, bacon, bacon bits, chicken flavouring, chicken broth, beef flavouring, beef broth, mushrooms, cheese, animal flesh and sea food are polluted. Gelatine is made from boiled bones, skin and tendons of animals. If you see an ingredient that you are not familiar with, take the time to look it up!

Some organic food stores are not really organic! If you believe that honesty in labelling is questionable, grow your own food. Small hot houses are easy to construct and many varieties of vegetables can be grown in pots on porches or balconies.

Even old tires stacked four or five high will produce an enormous amount of potatoes.

Food dryers dehydrate fruits and vegetables making storage light and easy. Wheat gluten (from wheat flour) makes a flavourful roast with the proper seasoning!

Become knowledgeable in this area so that your diet will be free of pollution. A pollution free diet is not Vegetarian! Vegetarians eat fish, chicken and some dairy products.

The Vegan eats no animal flesh of any kind, no dairy products and no eggs! Chocolate contains milk! It is polluted. And eggs are chick embryos! Once your body adjusts to a clean diet you will feel better and have much more energy.

Keeping Commandment number VIII means that we are not to steal! YHWH clearly tells us what foods we are to eat. Those He gave to us. They are ours! Eating anything else is stealing from Him! You cannot keep His Commandments if you have a heathen diet! We are not to steal, period.

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