Introduction – Bible Translations

Throughout the world people teach myths to their children.

The children that are taught myths teach their children the same myths or lies, and the myths go on and on throughout the years.

There are so many myths such as Santa, the tooth fairy, and Rabbits laying colored eggs. These myths are said to be fun for children. These myths that are in truth, nothing but lies, are being taught throughout the centuries. These myths that are fairy tales, are everywhere, even in your Bible.

People teach these lies to their children, knowing that they are lies! These same people go to their Church of choice, thinking that they will find truth. These people do not realize that there are hundreds of different beliefs throughout the world, from this Book.

Many people have been taught that the Sabbath is on the first day of the week, Sunday, many have been taught that the Sabbath is on the seventh day of the week, Saturday, some Friday. They all use the Roman Churches calendar to do everything, from going to church, or even going to the Doctor.

From the Book called the Bible, these groups are breakoffs from the Roman Church, called the many different groups of Baptists, the many different Protestant groups, Christian Scientist’s, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventist’s, Church of God, different Assemblies Of Yahweh.

These are only part of the different people that get their religion from the same Book called the Bible.

Some of them believe in Jesus, some in Yahshua, some do not believe in a son as Judaism. Many of these people believe in Lord God, some Jehovah, some Yahweh, some Yahvah.

All the groups of people that believe in the Bible believe they are in truth. They listen to their ministers lying to them, and are satisfied!

All these people that are in these Assemblies, Congregations, and Churches cannot agree what the truth of the Bible is, so they cannot come together as one group! They all believe their group is in the truth, and others are not in truth.

The question has to be asked, are any of them in truth?

Religion today is like buying a car, you have a choice of the color, size, and miles per gallon. You can decide which church you want to attend by what day they keep, Saturday or Sunday, or who they want to believe in, Jesus, Yahshua, Lord God, Yahweh, Yahvah?

There are many Translations of the Bible, each translator translates the Bible his way, so if you buy about half a dozen translations, and open all of them to one important verse you should be shocked by how different translators have translated the Bible.

If you were to get many translations, and open them up to one scripture, then read them all, then if you are a true truth seeker, read 11 Tim.3:16, your eyes will be opened that the Bible is not inspired, and it is time to relearn what the real truth is from the scriptures, if there is truth there or not.

Don’t listen to the lying ministers that have been taught the lies from ministers of the past!

You should be able to see that all these religious groups can not all be in the truth, so, do you really think you are in the one group that is in truth?

If you are real truth seeker, one that does not teach your children lies, contine reading the website lessons and if you do, you will have a different outlook than you do now!

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