The Old and the New Testaments have different Opinions

Lesson 18


Man does not want to die the death. They want to have the hope of a future life after death, in other words, eternal life.

The Pharaoh’s of Egypt had this hope of life after death.

The most known of these Pharaoh’s was king Tut. In the Tomb of King Tut, was found all his treasures, food, weapons, boats, everything of need, in other words, all the things needed for a future life. There are thousands of different religions in the world today, and in the past.

If a person is true with themselves, they might realize that religion is the way Church leader’s control, and relieve their members of their money, by tithes, and offerings, a never ending flow of money.

Plus countless hours of members doing good to others, enslaving them and their time. We open the Bible and we see that they are really two different books in one binding. These two books, the first book, man calls the Old Testament, be advised this is only what man calls it.

The second book, they call the New Testament. This was when the printing press was first being used to print books, while Roman Church was in power. The Church’s belief was the blood sacrifice of the son. The Roman Church caused their belief of the sacrificial son, to be printed in one binding with the word of

the Prophets. They called this book the Bible. The Church wanted their belief to be elevated above the writings of the prophets, so they called the Torah, the Old Testament.

They called the Greek writings that they translated into English, the New Testament.

They did this to make it look like the writings of the Law, of the Mighty-One YHWH, was passing away, and this New Testament was just beginning. If you ask anybody if the Bible is an inspired writing, most all people will say yes!

2 Tim. 3:16, Every scripture is divinely inspired, and profitable for teaching, for conviction, for correction, for instruction in righteousness;

We have to ask why this is not in the writings of the prophets? The reason is because YHWH, the Father told Jeremiah to tell us what the real truth is about scripture.

Jer. 8:8, How do ye say, We are wise, and the law of YHWH is with us? Behold, certainly the lying pen of the scribes hath made it falsehood.

So there is a difference of opinion, concerning the writings of the prophets, and the Roman Churches, New Testament!

Read the articles on the web site very carefully, if you do, you will have a change of opinion!

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