The Prophecy of Jonah

Lesson 31


The book of Jonah is a ridiculous fairy tale.

The people of the world see so much fantasy from childhood, that they do not see that the story of Jonah can not be true. People of today are numbed to the truth; they will believe almost anything, if it is put to them in the right form. From this fairy tale the New Testament believers believe they get a prophecy from this text. Jonah was supposedly in the belly of the whale for three days and three nights as the son was in the grave.

People are so blind to truth, that they do not see in reality, that whales do not swallow people, but if you were swallowed by a whale, there is no place to breath. Jonah would have been dead in a very short time and digestive juices would be digesting your body. Anybody with any common sense, should know, that food goes through the digestive track, before three days. Anything swallowed that is alive would be digested, and ejected out as waste.

The truth of YHWH does not come from magic or fairy tales. When a man is swallowed by a whale it is the end of that person’s life. All a person needs to do is use their common sense, and they would see very quickly that the story of Jonah is a lie, just as the prophecy is, in the New Testament.

The supposed Jonah was a rebellious man and YHWH would not have had anything to do with him. That is if he would have been real. The story of Jonah is a fairy tale, just as is the person the supposed prophecy is about! .

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