The Ritual of Sacrifice

Lesson 14


The ritual of sacrifice that is added to the writings of the prophets is the killing of a beast by putting your hands on the head of the beast for forgiveness of transgression.

Then a supposed priest burns some of the beast on the pagan altar and cooks some of the beast to eat.

In killing the beast the priests hold the beast and slit the throat and catch the blood in a vessel. Then the priest pours it on their pagan altar.

This is Baal worship.

All of this comes from added verses. The eating of flesh goes hand and hand with the sacrifices. Even in the false New Testament, the son said to eat his body in symbol and to drink his blood in symbol which in truth is the same as doing it.

For this reason, the scribes added the eating of flesh in their added writings of the books of Lev 11 and Deut.14.

This doctrine of eating the son’s body is an added doctrine that is in Gen. 9:3.

Gen. 9:3 “Every moving thing that liveth shall be food for you: as the green herb I give you everything”.

This added verse says you can eat another man for a man lives and moves, or your child that would be very tender!

The next added verse denies the doctrine of the son saying to eat and drink his blood.

Gen 9:4 “Only, the flesh with its life, its blood, ye shall not eat”.

The flesh eaters do not realize that they cannot get all the blood out of the flesh they eat. The blood in the capillaries can not be removed, not all of it.

When steak, chicken or liver is fried, blood comes out in the pan, but most is still in the flesh in the capillaries.

Flesh was not given to man to eat in the first place. But the ones that are carrion eaters, which is dead flesh, cannot eat the flesh according to their doctrine. Just bleeding a beast, a chicken or whatever, does not get all of the blood out of the body.

So in truth flesh eaters are blood eaters. Baal worshippers are blood eaters. So flesh eaters are Baal worshippers!

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