There is no ‘J’ in Greek

Lesson 21


Did you know that there is no letter (J) in the Greek text, but the Greek New Testament claims that Jesus is the saviour of the world?

How can this be if there is no (J) in the Greek Alphabet?

How did the New Testament come up with Jesus? Did you know that the letter (J) is only 550 years old? So this proves that there could not have been a man called Jesus in the days of the New Testament or his name couldn’t have been Jesus. The name Jesus is an added name.

The original name that was found in the Greek text is ‘IESOUS’ pronounced, EE-AY-SOOCE”. You may look this up in the Strong’s Concordance Greek

Dictionary #2424. The reason the translators added the name Jesus in place of the Greek name EE-AY-SOOCE, is because it is a known fact that this name is the god Zeus!

In truth your saviour is nothing but the idol. He is Zeus, the Greek sky god that throws thunder bolts.

You will probably shrug this off, but if you would like articles that prove that Jesus is not the Saviour, Redeemer, Rock or the Creator, you are at the right website.

We don’t understand it, but there are only a few people who are serious enough about truth to check this out.

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